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Gay stars as football starts

If you're into omens (sans Julia Stiles), then you had to have been pleased to see that one of the stars on the opening night of the 2007 football season was a former Cardinal.

"Big Play" William Gay took another step in his apparent quest to perfectly mimic the career of Kerry Rhodes by notching three tackles, delivering the hit of the night, and intercepting a pass in his first taste of live NFL action.

In the fourth quarter of his Steelers' 20-7 win over New Orleans in the Hall of Fame Game, the four-year starter at U of L absolutely laid out first-round draft pick Robert Meachem from Tennessee as he tried to make a catch. Meachem dropped the ball, and after the game described the blow as "the hardest hit of my life."

Gay put the icing on his debut by picking off a pass (he caught it!) by former Pitt quarterback Tyler Palko as the Saints were driving near the end of the game.

At this point I still think it's uncertain whether or not there will be a roster spot for Gay once camp ends, but the consensus is that he helped his cause tremendously on Sunday night.

All in all, about as good a start to the '07 season as Cardinal fans could hope for.