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New Young Nitt for '07

Written while basking in the glow of the '03 UK/Arkansas game being shown on ESPN Classic. Who would've thought four years later it'd be more difficult to make fun of Jared Lorenzen than Tim Couch?

As last season wore on it became increasingly difficult for even the stiffest of the red and white-adorned crowd at PJCS - those never unwilling to dismiss an entire genre of music as diverse as any as "thugs talking about guns and hoes" while sipping Diaka at a Cherokee Triangle get-together - to deny that they found themselves overcome with an insatiable to desire to become a part of a human wedge, or, at least, that they couldn't keep their heads from slightly bobbing once the speakers started blaring as the visiting and home teams lined up for the opening kickoff.

The source of this inner-struggle was local rapper Young Nitt's "R U Ready," which became the unofficial theme song of the 2006 season.

The song became one of the highlights of home games, and was filled with non-decayable gems for those that burnt it onto tailgating CDs like, Ain't a question if we goin' to the bowl game, credit to Petr- I ain't gotta say his whole name, and OK my first name Brandon and I'm smooth and I'm Sharp, or the cruelly ironic you can't strip Strip.

Though he kept us waiting for nearly the entire summer, Nitt is back just in time with a new version of "R U Ready" for the '07 season as well as a "Red Reign" track to fit with the year's theme. As we all knew he would, Jerb proved once again that he's more clutch than Robert Horry in the playoffs by putting together this sweet highlight vid to the sound of Nitt's latest effort.

You can download both new Young Nitt songs, as well as The Night Before's "Red Reign" theme song right here. For those of you interested in stalking Young Nitt, I'd suggest (initially) checking out his MySpace page.