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Pep rally scheduled for Aug. 29

The vaunted confines of Papa John's Cardinal Stadium will play host to a U of L football pep rally on Wednesday, Aug. 29, from 8-9 p.m. Admission is free to the event, and the gates will open at 7 p.m.

Steve Kragthorpe, Brian Brohm, Harry Douglas and Malik Jackson will all be speaking at the rally, but the real draw is that ESPN will be cutting to the event during its college football preview show. Now I'm not telling you to make signs sexually linking Lee Corso to Emilio Estevez, but I'm not telling you not to.

Free food and drink will also be available if that's your kind of thing.

"This is great for our program," the unspeakably handsome Tom Jurich said. "ESPN will be here and will cut into their college football preview show. If we ever want the opportunity to host College GameDay, we need to have a great showing. But knowing our fans like I do, we'll have no problem making a great impression on national television."

The full schedule of events looks like this:

7-7:55 Orange Bowl Highlights
7:55-8:00 Cheer and Band
8:00-8:05 Welcome
8:05-8:10 Highlight video
8:10-8:15 Band & Cheer
8:15-8:30 Coach Kragthorpe
8:30-8:45 Best dressed contest & Best sign
8:45-8:55 Brohm, Douglas and Jackson interview
8:55-9:00 FB skills contest
9:00- Cheer and Band

I'm so dominating the Band & Cheer competition.