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Murky details emerge from Saturday scrimmage

Steve Kragthorpe oversaw his team's final scrimmage before their Aug. 30 opener against Murray State on Saturday, but details of the tuneup - which was closed to the public - have been hard to come by, thus the lack of a post.

Assistant SID Rocco Gasparro did say in his brief game report that Harry Douglas was back to playing at full speed, and that both Douglas and Mario Urrutia racked up over 80 yards receiving from Brian Brohm, who was an efficient 12 for 15. There was less coverage of the running backs and the defense, although Gasparro did name Brock Bolen, Sergio Spencer and Adrian Grady as standouts.

Following the scrimmage, Kragthorpe told Brian Bennett that he was pleased with the tempo of the tuneup. It's still a bit too early to say, but I think that "tempo" may very well be to Steve Kragthorpe what "oh there's no doubt about it" was to Bobby Petrino.

"I thought the tempo was very good," Kragthorpe said. "We did some good things on the offensive side of the ball and on defense. I feel good as a head coach walking out of there because I thought we had balance. The offense made plays, but the defense stepped up and made some plays on third down, too. So overall, I thought it was excellent."

I can't be sure, but I think, I THINK, that if you look closely at that statement he's saying that Sergio Spencer is going to be the starting tailback and that the first play against Kentucky is going to be a double pass. I'm not guaranteeing anything, but I will say that I've gotten pretty good at reading into the subtle symbolism inherent in Steve Kragthorpe post-scrimmage quotes.

The staff has also done an excellent at job at keeping all injury information under wraps this summer, but The Courier-Journal was able to confirm on Monday that third-string tight end Zach Meagher tore his ACL on Saturday and will miss the entire season.