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JaJuan Spillman in court on Sept. 21

This is somewhat old news, but it's becoming a big story for the first time so I guess I'll go ahead and pee in your cereal because apparently it's all the rage this morning.

JaJuan Spillman will appear in court the day before U of L's Sept. 22 home game against Syracuse to deal with misdemeanor charges of driving under the influence and possession of marijuana stemming from a car accident that took place on Jan. 31.

Once officers arrived on the scene of a wreck at the intersection of Second Street and Cardinal, Spillman and a passenger admitted to the police that they had been smoking weed in the car. The police searched the car and found 9.3 grams of marijuana.

The event occurred on Steve Kragthorpe's 22nd day on the job, and since Spillman has participated in all team events since, we can only assume that the situation has already been addressed internally.

You know what's cool? Partying at home. You know what's safe? Partying at home. You know what's not going to get you arrested and eventually in the newspaper? Partying at home.