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Early afternoon quick hitters

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There have certainly been a plethora of feature pieces on Louisville's star quarterback over the course of the summer, but I think Jack Carey of USA Today has written the definitive preseason Brian Brohm story.

Chas Rice of AOL Fanhouse and Pitt Blather fame previews the '07 Cardinals.

Rich Rodriguez has made music a large part of practice, and the neighbors aren't thrilled about it.

In case you hadn't heard, the first few weeks of Pitt's 2007 season haven't gone too swimmingly.

TNIAAM covers the lively world of Big East beer pong tables, and apparently U of L students need to man up and/or grow some creativity.

Stewart Mandel of SI believes that Rutgers' magical season (I'm getting so tired of hearing that, Tinkerbell is magical, Snow White is magical, hooking up with that chick you've had a crush on but never talked to for four years is magical, a successful football season is the product of hard work, talent, and a little luck. And for the record, yes I did use the word only so I could go on this brief, parentheses-aided diatribe) was no fluke.

I'm back with a healthy dose of Big East preview stuff in a couple of hours.