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It's Whitehead's world, the rest of us are just visiting

You've likely heard about it, but now you finally have the opportunity to see former Cardinal and horrifying fall survivor Luke Whitehead spittin' lyrics with your own eyes. The portion of the the track seen in the video below is apparently from his debut album "Unexpected."

The former C-USA tourney MVP is now spearheading "Whitehead's World Entertainment," and you can check out more of L-Dubb's tracks - as well as the latest details on his "'Frisco to the 'Ville" project - on the label's official myspace page.

I feel like Reece Gaines needs to make an appearance on a track...and then penetrate and dish to a hiding Whitehead underneath the basket for a two-handed dunk...and then Nouha Diakite needs to leave the label mid-season.