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Louisville/West Virginia is College Football's Best New Rivalry

After two head-to-head meetings, three overtimes, 168 points, a pair of conference championships and BCS bowl game wins over the SEC and ACC champs respectively, it's not hard to see why thinks Louisville/West virginia is the best new rivalry in college football.

1. Louisville vs. West Virginia  
This series has developed into one of the nation's most anticipated games so rapidly that it's hard to imagine these two teams weren't playing annually until 2005 - when they emerged as the elite programs in the revamped Big East. Not since Florida State-Miami became a big rivalry in the 1980s has a "new" rivalry been created that means so much. This year, the game again could have national championship implications. These teams have helped the Big East gain respect because the winner of this game has gone on to win a BCS game each of the last two years. Along the way, they have developed a reputation for creating fan-friendly shootouts. Each team had only one loss two years ago when West Virginia rallied from 17 points down in the final 9 minutes of regulation to beat Louisville 46-44 in triple overtime. Last year, the teams were undefeated heading into a 44-34 Louisville triumph that featured more than 1,000 yards of total offense. This could also be called the "Thursday Night" rivalry. The conference has taken advantage of non-traditional game days to increase its exposure, and this game is the crown jewel of those contests.  

The Cards and 'Eers beat out LSU/Auburn, Texas A&M/Texas Tech, Florida/South Carolina and Nebraska/Kansas State for the distinction.

In honor of being half of the best new rivalry in college football, I'd like to post the following video which includes what are without a doubt the second best lyrics of any song ever written about West Virginia football (Sorry, but "Truckin Thru the BCS" will never be topped).