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Amobi Okoye is Rich

Belated congratulations to Amobi Okoye, who signed a six-year contract with the Houston Texans for a reported $17.6 million on Friday.

It appears our little baby's all grownsed up. One day he's a giggling 19-year-old boy sacking Riley Skinner in the Orange Bowl, and the next he's a stone-faced 20-year-old man making more money in a year than you'll ever see in your entire life. Sunrise, sunset.

In 2006, Houston's middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans was voted defensive rookie of the year, a feat Amobi says he hopes to repeat in '07.

"I expect a lot out of myself," Okoye said after his first Texans practice Friday. "I have a lot of expectations, and the most important one would be to keep the Defensive Rookie of the Year award right here in Houston."

Great to hear that Amobi didn't have to hold out, and I can't wait to watch one of my favorite Cards of all-time every Sunday this fall...of course by "watch" I mean check out gametracker because the Texans, well, the Texans don't make too many TV's in these parts.