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West Virginia fans, still awesome

I've never been big on clichés, or establishing codes of ethics through art references for that matter, so I always zoned out when my elementary school teachers would go into "coloring people with the same crayon" or "painting people with the same brush" lectures. I also zoned out during math.

Apparently some West Virginia fan who'd learned that U of L was planning a "blackout" for the Nov. 2 game against his beloved Mountaineers was struck by the same divine ray of light that undoubtedly found its way into the minds of Edison, Ford and Carver, and decided to make a shirt that said "Fags Wear Black" to sport at the game.

He apparently was so proud of this groundbreaking approach to ridicule that he had a friend videotape him as he taunted Cardinal fans walking into the game.

NOT SHOWN: The Graham Bell-esque fan's reaction to witnessing his favorite team's national championship hopes go down in flames.