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White Region First Round Results

Relative youth again reigns supreme in the White Region as Nate Johnson, Greg Minor and Dwayne Morton all spring minor upsets.

Here's how you voted:

  1. Pervis Ellison (99%) defeats 16. Ricky Gallon (1%)
  2. Nate Johnson (61%) defeats 8. Don Goldstein (39%)
  3. Herb Crook (95%) defeats 13. Manuel Forrest (5%)
  4. Samaki Walker (59%) defeats 12. Alvin Sims (41%)
  5. Clifford Rozier (86%) defeats 14. Jim Morgan (14%)
  6. Dwayne Morton (72%) defeats 6. Mike Grosso (28%)
  7. Greg Minor (84%) defeats 7. John Reuther (16%)
  8. Derek Smith (97%) defeats 15. Poncho Wright (3%)
Thanks again to all the Jurich-esque souls who voted, you all are the shish to my kabob.

The final session of first round voting will be up sometime later this week, but I'm not gonna tell you when because I enjoy keeping people on their toes more than Walter Bartoli. That's right, Walter Bartoli. Esoteric tennis jokes are about to take this blog over.