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Yellow Region First Round Results

First round action in the Yellow Region was far more competitive than what we saw Wednesday in the Red. Three heated races along with the biggest upset of the tournament thus far highlighted day two.

I figured Larry O had a decent shot at springing the classic 12/5 upset given the fact that he was such a popular player and had the recency effect on his side, but just how badly he beat Wesley Clark was surprising and, quite frankly, a bit disturbing.

Day two also saw the first tie of the tournament with eight seed Rick Wilson and nine seed Chuck Noble dueling to a stalemate. If this happens again somewhere down the line I'll think of a better tiebreaker, but for I'm just going to go with my vote, and thus Wilson advances. You might think this is unfair, but get your first name published in the Dayton Daiy News and maybe we'll talk.

Here's how everything else played out on day two:

  1. Charlie Tyra (97%) defeats 16. Jerry King (3%)
  2. Rick Wilson (50%) defeats 9. Chuck Noble (50%)
  3. LaBradford Smith (94%) defeats 13. James Brewer (6%)
  4. Larry O'Bannon (63%) defeats 5. Wesley Cox (37%)
  5. Rodney McCray (93%) defeats 14. Cornelius Holden (7%)
  6. Bud Olsen (56%) defeats 11. Roger Burkman (44%)
  7. Allen Murphy (51%) defeats 10. Jerry Eaves (49%)
  8. Butch Beard (98%) defeats 15. John Prudhoe (2%)
Also, if you didn't watch the Holden video from yesterday I highly recommend you do so today. Only Loverboy could make an NCAA record breaking performance so embarrassing.