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Red Region Results

No real surprises on day one as the tournament held to form with the lone exception of tenth seeded Scooter McCray's victory over No. 7 Marques Maybin. While the first round contests in the Red Region lacked suspense for the most part, there are several intriguing second round duels, and I'm excited to see how they play out.

Here's how you voted:

  1. Darrell Griffith (96%) defeats 16. Tony Kimbro (4%)
  2. Taquan Dean (72%) defeats 9. Phillip Bond (28%)
  3. Billy Thompson (83%) defeats 13. Jack Coleman (17%)
  4. Lancaster Gordon (87%) defeats 12. Phil Rollins (13%)
  5. Reece Gaines (89%) defeats 14. Tick Rogers (11%)
  6. Felton Spencer (72%) defeats 11. Bob Lochmueller (28%)
  7. Scooter McCray (59%) defeats 7. Marques Maybin (41%)
  8. Junior Bridgeman (97%) defeats 15. Kenny Reeves (3%)
The picture of Kenny Reeves getting scored on by Ralph Beard did him in.

Thanks to the 100 plus of you tiny drops from heaven who voted, and please keep casting your votes throughout the tournament.