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Jeff Withey Decommits From Louisville

Bad news out of San Diego as stud big man Jeff Withey has backed out of his commitment to Louisville and now says his recruitment is wide open.

Withey is leaving this one open as of now, according to trainer Trent Suzuki, but here's a few clues about which way he's leaning: He wants to play closer to home (so no Louisville), likes an uptempo style of play (hurting UCLA's chances) and happens to train in his San Diego hometown under Suzuki (Chase Budinger's mentor).

"Right now our recruiting is wide open," Suzuki said, "but he really wants to stay closer to home."

The fact that Arizona offers Withey a good chance at starting immediately alongside Jordan Hill in the post during the 2008-09 season can't hurt UA's sales pitch, either.

All right I'm just going to come out and say it; who the fuck is this "trainer" and why is he referring to the recruitiment of his "trainee" as "ours"? To the relatively innocent ears of a man mostly untainted by the heinous realm that is the world of recruiting, this sounds like some shady shit.

Withey, the 25th best player in the country according to Rivals, had previously talked about how he had watched all the U of L games he could on television and how he "couldn't wait" to arrive on campus. His parents had also remarked that they would be moving to Lousiville with Jeff.

Not sure what could have made him do such a 180 in six weeks, but let's hope whatever it was he gets over it.