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What to Read While Listening to Nina Simone

CC and "Sinnerman" go together like milk and cereal.

My apologies for the spotty posting over the last few days, but my not-so-trusty partner in crime abused my loyalty for the final time and now appears to be down for the count (read: my computer crashed). Talk of possible replacements is abundant at CC Headquarters, and a final decision should be made by the end of the week (read: I know absolutely nothing about computers and don't want to screw this up).

Here's what's poppin on this 27th day of June, 2007:

First and foremost, enormous kudos to Rick Bozich for saying what needed to be said yesterday as far as the Dirk Minniefield story is concerned. The only angle of the increasingly hilarious saga that I wish Bozich would have addressed is the amazing day long high-inducing pot. Apparently Dirk and Spalding Smails have the same pusher.

The Jeff Withey/Trent Suzuki/Kevin O'Neill ordeal came to the most predictable of endings yesterday when the San Diego big man who one month ago "couldn't wait" to man the paint in Freedom Hall committed to Lute Olson and Arizona. I wish nothing but the best for Jeff, but I think time will show that U of L benefited greatly from his decommitment.

U of L assistant Marvin Menzies' name continues to be tossed around by the local media as a possible replacement for Reggie Theus at New Mexico State. Texas assistant Rodney Terry is still considered the favorite to land the gig.

I didn't have a chance to get a link up last night what with all the technological madness, but Peter and Orson were kind enough to have me on for last night's edition of EDSBS Live so I could yap about U of L and the Big East for a bit. Kid's getting more air time than Hootie (I don't listen to the radio).

Steve Kragthorpe continues to take an extremely stern stance on the violation of one particular team rule, the latest evidence being the dismissal of redshirt freshman running back/linebacker Tyler Wimsatt. The Owensboro High product was not expected to see the field this season.

A pair of former baseball Cards are already making money and making noise at the next level. Playing third base for the Bristol Sox of the Appalachian league, Logan Johnson is off to an electric start, going 4 for 7 with four doubles and an RBI in three games. Meanwhile, Johnson's double play partner Chris Cates made his debut at shortstop for the Elizabethton Twins of the same league and went 1 for 2 with a walk and an RBI single.

At 20/1 Louisville is tied with Oklahoma for the eighth choice in's preseason odds to capture the '07 BCS National Championship.

Carolina blog Sports for Sports Fans has the Louisville basketball team at #4 for '07-'08 behind only his Heels, Memphis State (damnit) and Kansas. Roy Hibbert and Georgetown are fifth.

The other day I was sitting around listening to Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers and thinking about how great the first African-American teen idol could have been had he not gotten into cocaine, and well, that's about it. But later in that same day I was wondering whether or not anyone would start a Heisman Trophy website for Rutgers running back Ray Rice, and then low and behold I stumbled upon the catchily (word) titled I don't have the stats in front of me, but I believe that no one who has had a preseason Heisman website launched in his honor has ever not won the trophy. Bodes well for him.

The Big EZ, host of the aptly titled "Big EZ Show" on 1570, has concocted an "All-Time Big Three Championship" in which he has seeded the best Louisville, Kentucky and Indiana basketball teams in history for a 32-team tournament. The 1980 national champions are the one seed in the Indianapolis region, while the '86 team is a three seed in the Philadelphia region, the same region as Bobby Knight's undefeated '76 team.

Finally, congratulations to Kolby Smith who signed a three-year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs earlier this week. Smith had an impressive mini-camp which has many Chiefs fans believing he can be the team's third-string back. There's a good post on Smith and the Chiefs' runningback situation over at Arrowhead Pride.