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The Dream Dies

The Louisville baseball team's miraculous run came to an end yesterday in a manner no one could have predicted.

The Cards, who had scored an amazing 42 runs in their last three games, managed just one run on three hits. Logan Johnson hit his fourth home run in three games in the first inning, Pete Rodriguez singled in the second and Chris Cates singled an inning later. That was it.

You know it's probably not your day when you're best hitter goes 0 for 4 with four strikeouts, as Isaiah Howes did on Tuesday. Howes completed the golden sombrero by swinging and missing at three Andrew Carignan fastballs with runners on first and second and two away in the eighth.

The difference in the game proved to be a Chris Dominguez throwing error in the second inning that allowed a pair of runs to score. I remember thinking at the time that Wark needed to just relax and get out of the inning because there was no way three runs was going to beat us.

It's strange to think that the Cards began the CWS by losing a game that totaled 25 runs and 34 hits, and finished it by losing a game that totaled four and six. I suppose that's baseball.

I'll have something more up later, but for now I'd just like to say thank you to the baseball team for giving us all something to watch and look forward to this summer, and congratulations on the greatest season in U of L history.