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U of L/UK Game Needs a Home

It's official, The Battle For the Governor's Cup is a television orphan.

UK athletic director Mitch Barnhart said today that the school is exploring options for televising the game, which UK fought to move from the first to the third game of this season.

The Wildcats and Cardinals will play on Sept. 15 at Commonwealth Stadium. Each team will play two games prior to that meeting.

ESPN has released its schedule - as well as those for ESPN2 and ESPNU - for Sept. 15, and UK-U of L won't air on any of those three networks.

Nor will it appear on CBS or Lincoln Financial, which air Southeastern Conference games.

ESPN Classic has expressed an interest in the game, and Barnhart said UK is having ongoing discussions about getting the game on TV.

Well congratulations Mitch, your dream of keeping as many people as possible from seeing the annual September mauling masked as a football game has been realized. And the sad thing is (for UK fans) that this may very well be the best team the school has fielded since the rivalry was renewed in 1994.

Unbelievable. Actually, extremely believable. Perhaps "undermarket and underperform" is Lee Todd's hot phrase for 2007-2008.