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Card Chronicle CWS Preview (Part 3)

I have not managed my time well, so Part 3 of the Card Chronicle CWS Preview is simply going to be my picks in each game of the tournament.

Pod Play

Game one: Louisville 6, Rice 4
Game two: North Carolina 7, Mississippi State 3
Game three: Arizona State 9, UC Irvine 5
Game four: Oregon State 3, Cal State Fullerton 1
Game five: Rice 6, Mississippi State 1 (Mississippi State eliminated)
Game six: North Carolina 11, Louisville 4
Game seven: UC Irvine 4, Cal State Fullerton 3 (Cal State Fullerton eliminated)
Game eight: Arizona State 5, Oregon State 4
Game nine: Rice 8, Louisville 3 (Louisville eliminated)
Game ten: Oregon State 2, UC Irvine 0 (UC Irvine eliminated)
Game 11: Rice 5, North Carolina 2
Game 12: Arizona State 14, Oregon State 4 (Oregon State eliminated)
Game 13: North Carolina 6, Rice 2 (Rice eliminated)

Championship Series

Arizona State 6, North Carolina 3
North Carolina 10, Arizona State 7
North Carolina 8, Arizona State 5

North Carolina wins College World Series

MVP: Tim Federowicz