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Cardinal Curse Returns as Caracter and Sosa Go Down

If you had Derrick Caracter or Edgar Sosa in your offseason U of L basketball injury pool, get ready to cash in.

Seriously, my expression doesn't even change when I first hear the news anymore, but then I instantly throw an impromptu party at CC Headquarters when I find out the injured player will be out for less than three months.

The more seriously injured of the two is Caracter, who suffered a slight cartilage tear in his left knee during a pickup game earlier this week. DC will undergo surgery on Monday and is expected to be out four to six weeks. In print this doesn't sound all that bad, but we've seen how much of an effect seemingly minor offseason injuries can have on a player's season, and having to have surgery is always scary.

As for Sosa, the point guard suffered a high ankle sprain also in a pickup game earlier this week. Like Caracter, he is expected to be out four to six weeks.

I'm about one or two more injuries away from starting a petition that demands all U of L basketball players wear full medieval body armor during pickup games and/or when they're within 15 miles of Rajon Rondo.