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Cards to Kick Off College World Series

The start time for the College World Series first-round contest between Louisville and Rice has been moved from 7 to 2 p.m. The game between the Cards and Owls will now be the opening tilt of the tournament.

You can peep the updated tournament bracket here, and ESPN's updated television schedule here.

No idea what the rationale behind the move was, but I'm sure it was fantastic.

Also, check out this video from a fan at the game of the last out of the Super Regional and the subsequent Cardinal celebration.

True story, I was offered a ticket (thanks K Squared) to Sunday's game that would have allowed me to sit in a spot where I would have been on TV for every single pitch. Unfortunately, instead of being able to see the celebration you just watched from maybe 30 yards away, I had to attend a long-planned graduation party thrown in my honor by my family.

The lesson here kids is that education never pays, no matter what Ernie Fletcher says.