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Video of Valvano's Kick

For the past few days I've been steadfastedly praying (to Earl Monroe) that video of Bob Valvano's failed extra point attempt during last week's Louisville Fire game would surface. Well boys and girls, brace yourself for the following:

There are so many hilarious aspects of this video that demand attention, namely how serious Valvano took this thing. Judging by the pregame interview you would have thought he was about to pinch hit against Dennis Eckersley in the bottom of the ninth of game one of the World Series.

As for Will Wofford, I've always secretly possessed a great deal of admiration for those ballsy individuals who wear #69, so kudos sir. It's a bold move whether you're a giggling prepuscent boy or a full-grown adult male who hosts his own radio show.

The kick itself is actually somewhat impressive, and the casual Arena 2 football fan (as opposed to the many rabid Arena 2 hooligans) might have had some trouble noticing that this wasn't the actual Fire kicker, had not #7 appeared to be what I can only imagine Jon Lovitz would look like if he ever donned football garb.

A far cry from Garo Yepremian, yes, but Art Carmody he ain't.