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What to Read While Trying to Cope With the Revelation that The Great Steamboat Race is Fixed

Seriously, it was worse than Santa for me.

In the "Ten Things I Think I Think" portion of his latest column, NFL writer Peter King had some high praise for the two most high-profile Cardinals selected in last weekend's draft.

b. We'll look back on this draft one day and say Amobi Okoye was a steal at No. 10 to Houston. He's a clean-as-a-whistle Warren Sapp...

l. I think Michael Bush will win a rushing title -- if the Raiders ever get their offensive line fixed. Maybe around 2011.

Of course Peter King did once remark that "being in Baghdad is like being in Manhattan," so take that compliment for what it's worth Mike...What? No, it was definitely the same Peter King...Yeah it was, there's only two Peter Kings in the world and the other one lives in Uganda...Caught a PBS special on the subject 'bout two months back...Look it up.

Five undrafted Cardinals signed free agent contracts with NFL teams earlier this week, including:

Nate Harris- Kansas City
Brandon Sharp- Tennessee
Zach Anderson - San Francisco
Renardo Foster- Atlanta
Kurt Quarterman - Atlanta

So there you have it, John Clayton was totally right when he wrote that Petrino was "loyal" and would take players who he already trusted and who knew his system...he just didn't do it when anyone was paying attention.

It's like my grandmother always told me: "Loyalty is what you do when no one is watching," and folks Bobby Petrino is about as loyal as they come.

Louisville is one of six choices in an college football poll that asks: "Who should start next season at No. 1?"

The Cards are currently bringing up the rear, taking in just 4% of the vote. USC is just ahead of Florida for the top spot, and then further back are (in order) LSU, Michigan and West Virginia.

Louisville recruit Tyreke Evans was recently the subject of an extensive piece by Joseph Santoliquito of the Philadelphia Daily News.

The article hints at the likelihood of Evans becoming a Tarheel...

Tyreke's older brothers grew up North Carolina fans, and you know Tyreke had to follow. The family is originally from North Carolina, where Tyreke's father was buried last fall.

"We're selective because we can be selective," Pooh said. "North Carolina would be our choice, but it's not about us, it's about him."

But the word out of Chapel Hill is that Roy Williams has backed off of Evans, making Louisville one of, if not the, front-runner to land the 6'5 standout from American Christian in Aston, PA.

You can see 'Reke in action for yourself below (note the crossing of Memphis State signee Derrick Rose near the end).

After three days of meetings, BCS officials announced that no major changes would be made to the system that decides which two big money programs play for the national championship. Because you don't fuck with perfection, right?  

Andy Katz unveiled his post-draft declaration Top 25 for '07-'08, and Louisville landed at No. 7.

The Cards are essentially the same team that nearly knocked off Texas A&M and made a trip to the Sweet 16. Give Rick Pitino another year with this group and the Cards should be the pick of the Big East -- assuming Georgetown's duo doesn't return.

The big shocker in Katz's Top 25 was that he pegged Memphis State as the #1 team in the country, but please bear in mind that this guy's wrong about just about everything that doesn't involve Billy Gillispie.

U of L pitcher Justin Marks' dominant performance in a 4-0 Cardinal victory over South Florida on Saturday has earned him Big East Pitcher of the Week honors. The freshman from Owensboro is currently 5-1 with a 2.34 ERA in 11 starts. He is fourth in the Big East in ERA and is leading the conference in opponents batting average (.177).

The New York Times has a nice piece on the bloodlines of Street Sense, who figures to be one of the favorites in Saturday's Kentucky Derby. Just to spite all of the horse racing haters out there, I will have a post up after the post positions and Mike Battaglia's consistently ridiculous morning line odds are unveiled late Wednesday afternoon.

Street Sense being walked by the incomparable Paul Rutherford

Lastly, I'm finding it extremely poignant that I just watch the Mavericks go on a 15-0 run to stave off elimination considering that I've long referred to myself as "the Golden State Warriors of the academic world," and I will be taking my final college, uh, final in about 13 hours.

That's right, the kid's all growns up and is currently accepting any and all reasonable job offers. Like 15-20 bucks a month is straight.

Peace, love, Cards.