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Ray Buchanan Confirms that Michael Vick is an Awful Person

One of the most beloved Cardinals in history is doing his best to make sure that Bobby Petrino regrets swapping Brian Brohm for Michael Vick as much as humanly possible.

According to, former U of L defensive back Ray Buchanan apparently told Fox Sports Radio's Chris Landry that Vick was indeed directly involved with the dog fighting that frequently occurred on his property.

Said Landry of his discussion with Buchanan:  "He tells me that Michael has been into this dog fighting for so long that . . . .he not only knew about, he is behind all of it, he's paying for all of it. . . .  Apparently, he's into it big time."

Landry also said that Vick was actively recruiting teammates to become involved in the "sport."  The audio of the Landry interview can be heard right here.

Buchanan was a member of the Falcons for the first three years of Vick's career.

Ray Ray is probably going to be upset that these comments were leaked, and he may even try to say that his comments were misconstrued, but no matter what he claims it's becoming more and more apparent that giving herpes to a girl while using a hilarious fake name probably doesn't rank in the top 10 worst things that Michael Vick has ever done.

Dog fighting is truly a demented, sadistic sport, and it's beyond me to understand how someone could derive any pleasure from taking part in it.

To summarize, it seems that there are are only two roads out of Louisville: one ends with you being run out of Atlanta after three years the most disastrously hilarious combination of on-field/off-field calamities in NFL history, and the other ends with you hitting yourself in the face during a nationally televised press conference.

Hope you're paying attention Koach Krag.

And just for fun, here's the famous Ray Ray/Shannon Sharpe feud from the days leading up to Super Bowl XXXIII: