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Huffman Granted Release to Transfer


University of Louisville sophomore center Jonathan Huffman has been given his release to look at transferring to another school, coach Rick Pitino said today.

The 7-foot Huffman has played sparingly in his first two seasons with the Cardinals, and Pitino told him his chances of playing next year aren't good with David Padgett, Derrick Caracter and Terrance Farley returning.

"Unless he wanted to redshirt, I would not blame him for transferring because he's not going to play a whole lot next year and that would be three years," Pitino said. "That's not fair to him. I'm not for guys not playing."

Word is that Huffman may actually be staying put because he's really happy in Louisville and doesn't want to leave all of the friends he's made. Basically what it comes down to is whether or not he wants to take his game somewhere where he'll be able to improve and see some serious court time two and three years from now, or stay where he's comfortable and ride the pine for the next two seasons.

If he's serious about earning a living playing basketball then it would most certainly be in his best interest to head elsewhere, but if he loves this program and his teammates so much that he doesn't mind sitting, then more power to him and I hope he stays.

If he does choose to stay this becomes quite the dilemma for Pitino, who has done everything but sneak into Jonathan's room in Minardi Hall and pack up all his stuff while he's at class.