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Free Keg = Massive Card Chronicle Bash

Well it's a done deal, daddy is officially the champion of NBX's Battle of the Blogs contest and the recipient of a free keg.

Sure they may have referred to CC as a baseball blog, but it's kind of like a boss giving you a massive raise while calling you Butt Munch instead of Dave; you're not going to say anything.

There are so many people to thank. First and foremost I want to thank Georgetown and UCLA for their elite eight performances which made my big moneyline bets pay off massively, I'd like to thank the oddsmakers for consistently setting the over/under lines for Florida games preposterously low, God, Kevin Kruger of UNLV, and last but certainly not least, I want to thank the countless number of bloggers who would have won this contest had they chosen to participate.

Now while I am certainly a man capable of downing 15 1/2 gallons of brew (When God made the Irish he didn't make much...), I have decided to enlist the help of some of my closest cronies (many of whom will be BYOB'ing) who will be making an appearance at CC Headquarters on the night of Friday, April 27 for a little shindig.

Those currently invited and expected to attend include:

--Jim Nantz
--West Virginia quarterback Pat White
--Idaho State Senator Larry Craig
--That chick who played Claire on 90210
--Derwin Webb
--Benicio Del Toro
--Whitney from "The Hills"
--Wave 3 morning anchor Carrie Weil
--Art Carmody
--Jockey Victor Espinoza
--Toad the Wet Sprocket guitarist Todd Nichols
--Shannon Sossamon
--Former National League MVP Terry Pendleton
--French President Jacques Chirac
--Jock Sutherland
--SNL cast member Kristen Wigg
--Tiger Jones
--Steve Beuerlein
--The entire cast of "Wings"
--Poet Laureate Donald Hall
--Bill Raftery
--Erin Andrews
--CBS "Up to the Minute" anchor Meg Oliver
--Gus Johnson
--Candace Parker
--Neil Young
--Artist Robert Rauschenberg
--That little kid who drops his lizard and almost gets hit by a car in that commerical
--Nelly Furtado
--Former President Jimmy Carter
--The fat guy who did the voice of Pumba and was Mr. Carosi in "Saved by the Bell." He's also the guy with the cold who the elephant helps out in that commercial.
--Nancy Pelosi
--Johnny Mathis
--Former Providence standout God Shamgod
--Tom Lehman
--Norah Jones
--Robbie Valentine

Should be a good time. I'm really excited about it.