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It's Florida's Country, The Rest Of Us Are Just Visiting

What can you say? I'm no Florida fan, but I am an avid college basketball fan so I did derive a bit of pleasure from seeing four guys who had already achieved the sport's main goal and still spurned millions to come back for another year do what they had in mind when that decision was made.

On the surface this was the sixth consecutive dull Final Four game in two years, but time may prove this game far more significant than it appears.

Perhaps what "The '04s" achieved tonight will remain in the back of the minds of starry-eyed prodigies who have to go to college for a year anyway and decide after they get a little taste of the tournament that maybe winning a national title is something worth shooting for. And maybe thoughts of tonight's game will remain so etched into the brain of one Greg Oden that he will announce in the next month that he is returning to the Ohio State University because he just has to avenge what took place on April 2. If that were too happen, I think it's safe to say that it would be the biggest return the game's seen since Tim Duncan 11 years ago.

Or maybe it was just another Florida/UCLA, Uconn/Georgia Tech or Michigan State/Florida.

Regardless, right now there's no denying that this is the Gators' world.

As much as I may (and do) dislike them, what the Florida athletic program is doing right now is truly remarkable, and there's nothing the rest of us can do at this point but sit back and admire.