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Michael Bush is an Oakland Raider

After what must have been an excrutiatingly long first day of the NFL Draft, Michael Bush didn't have to wait long to hear his name called on day two.

Bush was selected by the Oakland Raiders with the first pick of the fourth round (the 100th pick overall).

It's easy to look back in retrospect and say that Mike made a big mistake, but when you work as hard as he did in the summer (see: first half of Kentucky game) with the dream you've waited your entire life for just a few months away, it's a hard thing to put on the backburner for the second year in a row. Because that's the other thing, Mike had his heart set on leaving after his junior year but returned because the class was chalk full of running backs, of course so was this one, but the point is that maybe a downtrodden Michael Bush returning to school against his will for the second straight year wouldn't have been good for either party concerned.

I have seen a portion of the video Bush's agent sent to every team before the draft, and I have to say that it was a huge mistake. Mike doesn't look "99%" in the video, he seems to be favoring his left leg, and he looks a tad slow and a bit overweight.

I'm not saying that this video is the reason he slipped to the second day, but I am saying that it definitely didn't help matters.

Whatever the reason for his slip, Michael Bush now heads to a team with proven running backs Dominick Rhodes and Lamont Jordan at one and two on the depth chart. The best case scenario for Mike at this point is that he busts his ass over the summer, and in the fall he is utilized on the goalline and short-yardage situations. He can make his full case for being an every down back before the '08 season.

Bush will also have to overcome the label some around the league have given him of being an Eric Shelron replica, that is, a big back out of Louisville who doesn't take a hit well and is injury prone.

The odds certainly seem to be stacked against Bush at this point, but those of us who have watched him for the past four years have little doubt as to how he's going to respond.

Best of luck Mike.