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Dominic James Entering NBA Draft

Marquette sophomore point guard Dominic James is expected announce his intention to enter the NBA Draft some time in the next 48 hours, this according to his coach Tom Crean.

"Everything is pointing in that direction," Crean said. "We're 100 percent supportive of him. If you don't help your players chase their dream, you're not doing the right thing."

James is best known for having a sensational freshman year and then following it up by kind of sucking and turning into a bit of a chotch in his sophomore campaign. He shot just 27 percent from three a season ago, and just 38 percent from the field as a whole.

He's also known for his trend setting decision to wear a sleeve on his left arm, which led to him getting the Single White Female treatment from teammate Dan Fitzgerald.

James is not expected to hire an agent, and says he will leave his name in consideration for the Draft only if he's assured that he will be selected in the first round.