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Defense Surprises Offense 51-45 in Spring Game

For 14 days of spring practice the Louisville offense had dominated its defenseive counterparts in front of a hundred or so fans at the Cardinal practice facility, but when the number of onlookers rose to 28,000, the tables turned.

Brian Brohm threw four interceptions as the largest crowd ever to watch the annual Red-White game saw the defense (the White team) defeat the offense 51-45.

There are generally two fan reactions after a spring game, either "good lord we're going to be good in four months," or "how much can you really tell from a scrimmage in April?"

So, how much can you really tell from a scrimmage in April.

The defense hadn't forced a turnover in the previous two spring games, and Brohm hasn't thrown more than two interceptions in a game in his college career. But on Friday the golden boy looked extremely uncomfortable at times, and made several poor decisions when the defensive line and linebackers brought the heat.

The defensive line deserves a significant amount of priase for their performance, and the offensive line deserves more negative attention than the quarterback they left out to dry multiple times. The D-line blew past Barlowe, Bussey, Wood, Giacomini and Donoghue all night, finishing with four sacks and ten tackles for loss.

The D-line's domination of the O-line also led to a less than stellar performance from the Cardinal running game, which finished with only 145 yards. Anthony Allen was more impressive in the second half than he was in the first and finished with 40 yards on nine carries, and likely did enough to hold on to the starting role for the time being.

Friday left me even more convinced that Sergio Spencer deserves a steady dose of carries this season, as the Male High product danced for 26 yards on four carries. I was surprised that Brock Bolen only saw the ball twice, especially considering he chugged for 15 yards on one of the carries. And George Stripling continued to be unimpressive (perhaps due to injury), gaining just 17 yards on seven carries.

I was again impressed by Scott Long who hauled in four catches for a whopping 120 yards, second only to Harry Douglas's 137 yards on eigth catches. In my mind (which means nothing), Long heads into the summer as the favorite to be the number three receiver.

There's much more to talk about, but unfortunately I've got to run so it will have to be said tomorrow.

Enjoy your Saturday people.