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Open Thread: National Championship Game

Of course I'm going to watch, but this may be the least interested in a national championship game that I've ever been.

I was pissed off about the BCS title game because it included probably my two least favorite programs outside of Kentucky, and now I'm even more pissed off about the basketball title game because it features my two least favorite programs outside of Kentucky, and their fan bases really don't even care that much about basketball.

This isn't fair.

Most fans have to wait decades to see their favorite program in a title game, and these two get a pair on the span of four months? Did I mention that they don't even really care about basketball?

The only reason I'm even mildly excited about tonight is because I'm in first place in NBX's Battle of the Blogs contest, and if the final score is greater than 14 then I'm virtually assured of some much-needed cas and an even more much-needed keg.

I never thought a Final Four could be worse than last year's, but if we don't see anything spectacular tonight then 2007 is going to come awfully close. Of course given the officiating we've seen this entire tournament, this game is almost guaranteed to suck.

Even if the game blows more than Curtis Shaw's whistle, enjoy every second because toe doesn't meet leather in PJCS for like 178 months.

Florida 78, Ohio State 72.