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Big East Tournament Live Blog: 7. West virginia vs. 10. Providence

Time to find out who Louisville's second round opponent will be, here's to eight overtimes.

7:04- Just noticed that Will Scott taking a charge is featured in the opening just got eight times cooler.

7:06- Young hits a deep three to start for WVU, good sign for them. 3-2 'eers.

7:10- Elmore and Schulman haven't called a single play to this point.

7:10- Both teams refuse to stop the other early, PC 9-7.

7:12- Providence is doing a great job at splitting the top of the West Virginia zone and then attacking the basket with its big men, not a bad strategy when you have Herbert Hill on your team. Friars up 11-7 at the first TV timeout.

7:17- WVU goes man but still can't keep it away from Hill who has six early, 16-12.

7:18- PC not playing much defense and the 'eers are taking advantage by making open shots. Joe Alexander dunks and is fouled on the break to give WVU a 19-18 lead. He'll shoot a free-throw after the under 12.

7:27- Freshman Dwayne Williams hits back-to-back threes and the Friars are as hot as the eers are cold. 26-19 PC.

7:28- And then the other side of the freshman. Williams takes an awful shot which leads to a fast break bucket for WVU.

7:29- Herbert Hill is a fantastic player for developing big men to watch. No wasted movement, quick release, great feet. Friars up 28-23 at the under eight.

7:32- Mark Jones and the Friar will fight before this night is over. I got $50 on the Friar.

7:33- Frank Young in the most underrated player in this league. Mighty Frank's got 11 and the lead is down to two at 28-26.

7:35- Attention kids playing in the Big East Tournament: the back line doesn't count, if you're on the perimeter stand near the black line and shoot near the black line.

7:36- Frank Young is hurt, but WVU has taken the lead and the momentum. 31-30 'Eers.

7:41- WVU takes advantages of second chance opportunities as well as any team in the league. Providence has got to start grabbing rebounds and loose balls. 34-30 WV.

7:42- Frank Young is back and hitting threes again, 16-2 WVU run has them in the lead by seven, 37-30.

7:44- Huge three by WVU's Alex Ruoff to end the half, 40-32.

7:45- John Beilein's halftime interview shows exactly why West Virginia is winning. When he sees his team's 1-3-1 getting torn up, he makes the proper adjustment and switches to man. Tim Welsh, on the other hand, decides to hold Herbert Hill out of the game for an inexplicably extended amount of time, and sees his team lose all the momentum and ultimately the lead.

8:03- After an emotional halftime that saw me get a bloodied finger via an epic tug-of-war with a dog, we're back. My typing may be hindered by a band-aid, but I will not use that as an excuse and I will persevere.

8:05- PC comes out swinging but the 'eers come right back and its 46-38 Dub Vee early.

8:07- WV hits another trey to get to 11-of-22 for the game, the lead is 11 and the timeout is Tim Welsh's.

8:11- Providence has no answer now that Joe Alexander and the West Virginia defense have turned up the heat. This is eerily reminiscent of the second game we saw today.

8:15- WVU humiliating the Providence defense with cuts and screens, 53-40.

8:16- Rick Pitino is in the stands and looking dapper as usual.

8:17- Williams with another three and the lead is back down to ten.

8:18- WV's own freshman Da'sean Butler has an answer, 56-43.

8:19- The Big East Tournament record for threes is only 14? Didn't we have like 60 in that C-USA tourney game against TCU in '01?

8:20- Wu-oh, freshman Brian McKenzie with two threes and it's just a seven point game as Efejuku heads to the stripe for a pair. 56-49 at the under 12.

8:24- Weyinmi hits a pair and it's an 80 PC run.

8:25 Hill slams Providence to within three. This one is officially fun again.

8:27- Not only has Sharaud Curry not scored, he hasn't done anything else. It's amazing to me how a guy that talented can disappear so completely. 63-55 WVU extending the lead again.

8:29- I would love to see a T-Will/Efejuku all-athlete competition because both are freaks. Awful call on the other end, referee only calls the block because the shot went in. Big swing 66-58.

8:32- Frank Young picks up foul #4 and heads to the bench. If PC can't make up six points before he comes back int he game then they don't deserve to win. 66-60 'eers.

8:33- Curry scores his first two on a nice drive, but WVU makes the most of two offensive rebounds on the other end and gets a tip-in. 68-62 at the under eight.

8:38- Has West Virginia ever recruited a player that can't shoot the three? I really think Beilein would have given a scholarhip to Pittsnoggle over Shaq. A three and a deuce by Ruoff have the lead back to 11.

8:40- And there's the record-setting 15th three by the 'Eers. Maybe they're just getting it out of their system.

8:41- I've said for weeks that I wasn't afraid of WVU, but these guys look pretty freaking good right now. 77-65 with 4:49 to play.

8:44- Maybe it's because we've only been in the conference for two seasons, but I just don't understand Big East officials. It's like they decide before the game which possessions they're going to call fouls on, they're always inconsistent, and never allow for any sort of flow to a game.

8:46- 79-67 West Virginia at the under four. Let's get ready for the 'eers.

8:49- The olay soccer chant, wow, congrats Marquette fans you just embarrassed yourself and the Golden Eagle basketball program on national television.

8:52- Apologies but I'm going to watch the last 22 seconds of the NEC champ. game.

8:55- CCSU wins the NEC in case you were wondering, which you weren't. Not much change in New York, Williams hits another three and the Friars are down 10 at 87-77 with 1:15 to play.

8:59- It's officially garbage time. WVU up 90-77 with 40 left.

9:01- Game, set, match West Virginia, 92-79. Cards and 'Eers tomorrow night at 7.

9:13- I'm offically more nervous than I was before this game. West Virginia hit 17 treys, took care of the ball, and ran an extremely efficient offense. Like I said earlier, hopefully they were just getting it out of their system.