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What to Read While Debating Whether or Not NIT Court Storming is Ever Acceptable

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Mike Bush underwent a second surgery on his right leg Tuesday at Jewish Hospital. He's expected to be out another couple of months and sadly won't be able to work out Monday during Louisville's pro day.

Here's to a better next seven months for Mike than the previous seven.

The Boys' State Sweet 16 Tournament kicked off in Lexington yesterday with four quarterfinal games.

In the best game of the first day, No. 15 South Laurel took out No. 17 Louisville Fairdale 48-46 behind Trey Smith's 21 points. In other action Holmes defeated Paducah Tighlman 57-48, Adair County beat Lincoln County 51-41, and the state's top team Scott County advanced with a 59-47 victory over Oldham County.

Seventh region champion and the state's No. 2 team Louisville Ballard will kick Thursday's action off by taking on Owensboro at noon, that will be followed by Clark County vs. Christian County at 1:30, Elliott County (there's an Elliott County?) vs. Shelby Valley at 6:30, and the nation's favorite high school basketball team June Buchanan vs. state power Warren Central at 8.  

I generally don't pay any attention to baseball until after basketball season is over, so it was with great pleasure that I saw that the Cardinal nine have won five straight and 11-of-14 when I checked for the first time today.

The Cards took out Eastern Kentucky 7-4 on Wednesday, and begin Big East play by hosting Villanova on Friday in the first game of a three-game weekend series.

It was only a year ago that I began following what is now my third favorite Louisville sport, softball. Unfortunately the ladies are off to a bit of a rough start as a split with Eastern Michigan on Wednesday brought their season record to a modest 13-12.

Last year's softball crush Candi Hicks isn't really doing it for me this year, so my allegiance for the '07 season is being devoted completely to outfielder/pitcher Kassie Stanfill. I think it's just the boost the girls need.

Did you all know there was college basketball being played tomorrow?...God damnit.

It's looking like Steve Alford to New Mexico is a done deal. Not exactly the landmark job we envisioned Mr. Indiana leaving Iowa for when he took over in Iowa City eight years ago.

Peace, love, Cards.