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This Calls For a Bottle of Israel's Finest!

Yeah I quote Friends, what of it?

The cause for celebration is that exactly one year ago today a man with a dream and not enough to do opened up shop at a Louisville sports blog named The Card Report.

On this day of great significance, I'd like to take a moment to personally thank all those responsible for motivating me to officially become a person whose ass my 14-year-old self would have loved to kick: Thank you to both of my readers, Dick Vitale, Jacob Messner, Mayor Jerry Abramson, awkward sports moments, Kentucky fans, Jim Nantz, Kyle Wright, Jay Cardosi, the lax requirements of higher education, the 2006 Louisville football team, Brian "Mike Rutherford owns me in grade school football" Brohm, Earl Cox, Mike Lazo, the University of Kentucky basketball program, and of course Art Carmody.

In all seriousness, this year has been a blast and I'm extremely proud to be a part, however small, of Trippi's un-televised revolution. Thanks to everyone at SBN, Peter at BON, Kyle at Dawg Sports, Flubby at KSK, and everyone else who's been so helpful.

There is an inherent freedom and purity to online writing that I think is responsible for the vast majority of its appeal, and while there's no way to know what things are going to be like in ten years, I think this thing's got some legs. Plus you get to use the F word (Three sentences is and always will be my seriousness limit).

Peace, love, Cards.