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Day Two

Burnt Orange Nation will be the first to handle SBN Tournament Hub duties on day two, and I strongly encourage all of you to head over there and check it out as a good time will surely be had by all.

Definitely a calmer mood at CC Headquarters on day two, it's nice to be able to get up for the tournament and take a shower without having to deal with your legs shaking uncontrollably.

We've got UVA/Albany, GA Tech/Runnin' Rebs and Memphis State/North Texas to kick things off. Looks like a mediocre morning, but let's all remember that this is an iditarod not a marathon (what?).

I'll have some Louisville stuff up at some point in the day, perhaps early afternoon if these early games end up being as uninspiring as they appear to be on paper.

Enjoy the day everyone.