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Attention all Cards fans headed to Lexington for the game on Thursday, there will be a U of L pep rally from 11 a.m. to noon at Triangle Park just outside of Rupp Arena.

Other spots in Lessington where you can safely sport your Cardwear before, after or during the game are: Brooklyn Sports Grill & Pizzeria located across from Rupp Arena at 401 W Main Street; Buffalo Wild Wings located at 1080 South Broadway; and Two Keys Tavern located at 333 South Limestone.

Congratulations to the women's basketball team which earned their third consecutive NCAA Tournament bid, and highest seed ever when they were announced as the six seed in the Greensboro Regional during the Selection Show Monday night.

The Cards will face No. 11 BYU on Saturday at the Galen Center in Los Angeles at a time that will be announced later.

Kudos to our friend Flubby from Kissing Suzy Kolber for doing an excellent job representing the Cards in their segment of Deadspin's NCAA Pants Party. Of course if he hadn't mentioned us he wouldn't have gotten a shout-out because fuck him that's why.

Don't forget that the NCAA Tournament actually kicks off tonight in Dayton with the racially insensitive play-in game featuring the Niagara Purple Eagles (yay) and the Florida A&M Rattlers (boo). The losers avoid humilation on national television three days later while the winners get to tell chicks who don't follow college basketball closely that they won a game in the NCAA Tournament.

The token team with a losing record is noticeably absent this year which is disappointing considering they always seem to win this deal and then compete with whatever one seed they play for the first eight or nine minutes.

True story, I actually went to the play-in game two years ago and had a blast. Oakland's Rawle Marshall threw down on a tomahawk on Alabama A&M that was worth the price of admission. Plus Len Elmore was there and you can't spell "oh my God I'm getting wasted and going to the play-in game" without Len Elmore.

Thanks to the continually remarkable efforts of ITV's jerb2 we now have video of Edgar Sosa's coast-to-caost heroics in the Big East Tournament synched up with the radio call of Paul Rogers.

Former Cardinal standout and soon to be one of the richest self-made 19-year-olds in the world Amobi Okoye will be signing autographs of the Orange Bowl Prints and 8 x 10 photos on Saturday 3/17 from 3-6 p.m. @ Deck the Halls in the St. Matthew Mall.

When the topic of toughest draws has come up over the last 40 hours or so, the name Notre Dame has been brought up time-after-time. While our friend CW from Rakes of Mallow wasn't exactly thrilled when he first heard that the Irish were given a six seed and a date with Winthrop in round one, he did manage to settle down and give some solid thoughts on the bracket as a whole a few hours later.

In the first day of NCAA Tournament hoopla, the media experts were all over the charts on Louisville. Both PTI's Tony Kornheiser and "some chick on Cold Pizza" (according to an anonymous friend) said they had the Cards in the Final Four, while Andy Katz, Digger Phelps, Doug Gottlieb and Gregg Doyel all stated their belief that U of L was going down in round one. Not one expert that I've seen has placed Louisville in the Final Four in their online bracket, but what will really bother me is if Bob Barker has us biting it early when his bracket is revealed this week.  

The Cards have been named both the most underrated and overrated team in the South region by different online publications, and their matchup with Stanford, and potential games against Texas A&M and Memphis have all been given the title of best possible contest in the region by someone or another.

BON has started its thorough NCAA Tournament preview with breakdowns of the East and West regions. They've held off on their South preview until they decide on whether or not my bribe of seven sporks to put the Cards in the Final Four is worth their integrity.

Everytime I head over to the 'Cuse blog Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician, there is something on the front page that has me spitting Mondo Cooler all over my keyboard (they are too still cool).

Although MariusJanulisForThree was understandably upset with the Orange getting the shaft on Sunday, he still managed to get up this hysterical post on two guys who were equally upset and letting the world know about it.

I'm going to be MIA for most of Tuesday, but if you dare you can catch me with Matt Jones at 6 p.m. on ESPN Radio Louisville 1570 trying to avoid using the word boner on the air.

Peace, love, Cards.