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Conference Tourney Wrap Up: 2/28

I wrote up this whole deal on what happened in the world of conference tournaments on Wednesday and thought it was pretty good stuff, so naturally when I went to rock the "copy" I accidentally clicked "paste" and lost it forever.

I'm pretty pissed.

Anyway, you all get a break from middle-to-low level mid-major basketball adoration for a day as I don't have time to rewrite this and instead am just going to post scores.

Just posting scores...this is what it's come to.

Patriot League

  1. Holy Cross-83, 8. Lafayette-53
  2. American-59, 5. Colgate-44
  3. Army-47, 3. Lehigh-46
  4. Bucknell-62, 7. Navy-43
Sun Belt
  1. Middle Tenn. St.-72, 8. Troy-64
  2. Louisiana Monroe-83, 13. Denver-67
  3. North Texas-93, 12. Louisiana Lafayette-78
  4. Florida Atlantic-91, 11. Florida International-88 (OT)
  5. New Orleans-77, 10. UALR-70
  1. Chattanooga-64, 9. Wofford-55
  2. Georgia Southern-62, 11. The Citadel-46
  3. Western Carolina-69, 10. Elon-55