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This Isn't A Party And No One Cares What You Look Like; Get To The Game Early Tomorrow

The ceremony in which the court at Freedom Hall will be dedicated to former coach Denny Crum will begin at 6:45 p.m. tomorrow, 15 minutes before the start of U of L's big game against Georgetown.

If you're heading to the game tomorrow, make a plan to leave a bit earlier than usual, and then make a second plan to leave a bit earlier than that. Denny Crum is the single-most important individual in the history of Louisville athletics, and arriving right in the middle, or missing the ceremony entirely, is a slap in his face.

"There are going to be traffic problems and weather problems," Rick Pitino said. "I'd hate to see fans miss this. All fans should try to get there by 6 to be on the safe side. I hope they get there way in advance. Be on Cardinal time. Don't be on Derrick (Caracter) time."

This is something that everyone should enjoy. If you truly love Louisville basketball, you don't want to miss this, and if you have young Cardinal fans in training, you're going to want them to see this.

I know it probably won't happen, but I think packing Freedom Hall 15 minutes earlier than we ordinarily would is the least we can do for Coach Crum.