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Somebody Has Got to Start Keeping UK Fans Away From Recording Equipment

Do you know what the most important thing in comedy is? Timing. OK so the joke works better face-to-face, but its still prescient as far as this post is concerned.

Following in the highly talented and currently humbled footsteps of OH Napier, the extremely socially awkward Lazy Tuesday dorks, and of course our good friend Katman (who released yet another classic last night) comes this Monet-trumping piece of art created by a pair of UK basketball fanatics. In a move that would make Young Jeezy slit his throat if he knew about it, this dynamic duo remixed the rapper's song "I Love it" to make it all about UK basketball, and then had the vision to shoot a video to go along with it.

Highlights include:

--A reference to an 11-game UK winning streak...from 2002.

--The air ball in the background at the :58 mark.

--Any time the kid in the white zip-up moves.

--Zip-up tossing up "The Vag" at the 1:51 mark.

--And the extrmely hard, sunglasses-donning rapper looking bad ass at midcourt...of the women's gym.

Gangsters in the crowd indeed:

I just don't understand what kind of reaction these kids are expecting to receive from this. Did they think people would think they were cool, or funny? Did they actually think that this was, in either a comedic or professional fashion, good? Did they think that releasing this smack in the middle of the lowest point Kentucky basketball has seen in a while was wise?

All questions for the Big Man when the time comes.