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That's Right Woodchuck-Chuckers...


Seriously, it's a good movie. You haven't? Yeah, definitely. '93 I think. Bill Murray and that chick from Muppets from Space. Uh I'd use "pretty" instead of hot.

Craig Dimitri of the 'Nova hoops blog Villanova Viewpoint has a highly detailed preview of this Saturday's game between the Cardinals and the Wildcats that's definitely worth checking out. When someone takes the time to note that Brandon Jenkins is the cousin of Jermaine Jackson, you know they're leaving no stone unturned.

Cincinnati may suck, but they're definitely still not above grabbing our players' junk when they go up for a shot.

If tracking merit-less NCAA Tournament bracket projections is your bag, then your ship has docked. Some brave soul is keeping track of 20 different tourney projections at this site.

The Cards are currently featured in four of the brackets. Both Bracket Watch and Basketball Predictions have  Louisville as a 12 seed, while Beat the Experts has them as an 11, and the gifts from Heaven at MAG have the Cardinals as a nine.

It was announced Wednesday that St. Xavier High School senior Lee Steiden has accepted a position as a guaranteed walk-on with the Louisville basketball team.

The 6-foot-4, 185-pound Steiden averages 18 points and seven rebounds for the Tigers, but is 1-3 in his career against Trinity. It's a blog, I can totally say that.

Chas Rich is none too pleased with the folks who set up the Big East schedule in a way that left Pitt without a game for nine days. Mike DeCourcy makes the case that this is a good thing for the Panthers, who return to action on Feb. 7 at rival West Virginia.

And finally, Card Chronicle solidified itself as the Sham of the college football blogging world yesterday, taking home second place honors in both of the categories it was nominated in at the 2006 College Football Blogger Awards. CC was beaten out for Best New Blog by the always entertaining Fire Mark May, and was the Garth to The Blue-Gray Sky's Wayne in the Best Big East/Notre Dame Blog category.

I was taking the losses in stride until I noticed that the folks over at TBGS had decided to give me an extra kick in the humongous balls by having a story about Louisville-turned-Notre Dame kicker Brandon Walker at the top of their site. Naturally this sent me into Kanye mode, which would have been embarrassing had anyone else been around during the 263 minute rant.

Special thanks to Joel and everyone else who helped put this thing together, and congratulations to all the to me when you inspire a Bob Hill column.

That's right, I'm "someone" bitches.

Peace, love, Cards.