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Cards Well Represented in Mock Brackets

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With all the talk of seeding and mock brackets, I thought I'd take the liberty of arranging Louisville's ever-growing appearances in these prophetic fields of 65 into a nice little chart.

Please note that several of these (including Fox, Sportsline and SI) were updated after U of L's win over Pitt, but not after the Marquette game. Also, several other brackets that don't have the Cards in at all should be updating soon.

To get the best fix on all your mock bracket needs, I would highly recommend frequenting The Bracket Project which has everything you could possibly dream of.

Website Seed Opponent
ESPN Bracketology 7 Xavier
Fox Sports 12 Nevada
CBS Sportsline 12 Oregon 11 ---
Bracketography 9 Tennessee
Bracket Express 9 Oregon
CSTV 11 Indiana
Bracketology 101 9 Oregon
The Bracket Board 10 USC 9 Oregon
Basketball Predictions 10 ---
Beat The Experts 9 Arizona
Bracket WAG 11 Arizona
Bracket Watch 11 Oregon
MAG 7 Winthrop
NCAA Bracket Predictions 9 ---
PH Sports 8 ---