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U of L Plans A "Red Out" For Seton Hall

The University of Louisville Athletic Department has designated the Cardinal basketall team's March 4 home finale as a "Red Out" game, and fans attending that game are going to be mercilessly beaten if they don't strongly encouraged to wear red.

Earlier in the season U of L fans participated in a similar "White Out" of Freedom Hall, and the result was a 68-54 Cardinal win over Connecticut.

"We were among the first collegiate teams this year to 'white out' their home arena," coach Rick Pitino in a release. "Now we want to improve upon it with an all-out 'Red Out' on Senior Day.

"Anyone not covered in red on March 4 will not be admitted to Freedom Hall. Seriously, though, it's a fun way to showcase a special day as we honor our seniors and play our last home game of the season."

Louisville has worn red just twice this season, and those games were arguably the two lowest points of the season. The Cards donned red in Cincinnati on Nov. 24 and were defeated by Dayton 68-64, they busted the jerseys out again on Jan. 3 and were pummeled 78-62 by Notre Dame in South Bend.

Whatever though, let's do it, I'm pumped. But if a "Yellow Out" is the next step, I'm not on board.

The official "Red Out" T-shirts are available at the Neutral Zone.