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The Death of Rule 3-2-5e and More

The powers that be in college football took a great step back in their apparent quest to make the game the most frustrating in the universe for fans when they scrapped the new, completely insane clock rules, and elected to revert to the rules used in the 2005 season.

You see, when you have a system in place that's completely ridiculous and widely rejected by your sport's fans, you change it. It's a novel concept.

Brian Bennet gives Ellis Myles some much deserved props for the recent success of Derrick Caracter in this morning's Courier. Caracter says in the story that Myles "put the hunger back in me."

I think it's great that Ellis is getting to spend time back in a place that he truly loved and that truly loved him back, it was great to hear him say "that victory on Monday night was the most enjoyment I've had in a long time." I know he's hoping to resume his playing career after his knee heals, but I hope that eventually he'll end up back in town with a more permanent position on the basketball staff because he's such a great success story and I think he could serve as a phenomenal mentor for kids coming from similar backgrounds desperate to talk with someone they can relate to.

Sticking with the Courier, Rick Bozich's column this morning focuses on his assertion that the Cardinals need 11 conference wins to be a lock for the Big Dance. He bases this on the fact that no team that has hit this magic number has ever been left out of the field of 65, while twice teams have gone 10-6 in the Big East and ended up in the NIT.

I still think that throwing out a specific number, as Rick Pitino did a week ago, and using it as an absolute is absurd. There are dozens of ways Louisville could get to 10-6 or 11-5, and not all of them would produce the same postseason result. Also, not even taking the conference tournament into consideration almost makes the entire column invalid.

If Louisville beats Marquette by one on Saturday and then is blown out in their last three games and the first round of the Big East Tournament, they're probably not going to get in. Conversely if they lose close games at MU and Uconn, beat Seton Hall and St. John's convincingly, grab an opening round victory in New York and compete in the second round, they're in.

Every situation is unique in college basketball, and rarely is an absolute appropriate. That 2003 Seton Hall team was 16-11, had no wins of any consequence, was beaten by 32 in their last regular season game and lost in the first round of the conference tournament to a bad Providence team.

I like Bozich, but choosing to write this column was a lazy decision.

The Louisville baseball team was scheduled to open its season at home on Tuesday against Murray State, but the game was rained out and has been rescheduled for Feb. 20. Dan McDonnell will make his debut as Louisville's coach on Friday when the Cards play Northwestern State in the first game of the Coca Cola Classic is Hattiesburg, Miss. U of L will meet host Southern Miss on Saturday at 5 p.m. and Southern Illinois Sunday at noon.

Former Boise State and current Colorado head football coach Dan Hawkins had a pretty sweet blowup yesterday which you can listen to here. Hawkins does have a point here and I think he's a good guy, I just tha-IT'S DIVISION 1 FOOTBALL!! IT'S THE BIG TWEEEYELVE!!!

You thought the U.S. Reed halfcourt shot was a brutal way to lose a game, Bowling Green laughs at you.

Card Chronicle Mid-Major man crush Bobby Brown continued to disappoint in big games as Fullerton went down to Long Beach again last night. We're pulling for the Titans, but with the Beach playing so well and Pacific's history of success in the postseason, it's going to be a tall task for Bob Burton's bunch to go dancing. Fullerton takes on Wright State this Saturday as part of ESPN's BracketBusters lineup.

College Football Resource has a nice post on the overall state of Big East football after the exodus of Miami and company. We've only got about 20 or 30 more years of success before we can start earning credit based on our names alone. Get excited people.

Peace, love, Cards.