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Big East Basketball Fans Should Probably Eat Less

Silly you. You saw that West Virginia was 19-6 despite losing over 80% of its scoring from last year, and you immediately hurled praise in the direction of head coah John Beilein, senior forward Frank Young, or favorable scheduling. All wrong.

The rightful recipient of this praise is Ryan J. Boyd, the equipment manager for WVU's "Pride of West Virginia" marching band (remember those crazy bastards?) who at every Mountaineer home game performs a rhythmic interpretation of The Village People's "YMCA" so mesmerizing that the visiting team never has a shot.


You'll understand if Arron Afflalo's career doesn't go anywhere but down from this point on.

Well played Ryan J. Boyd, but John Girard is not impressed.

Girard, a freshman at Seton Hall, has taken free-throw distraction to that next, somewhat surprisingly untapped level...he's utilized the Truffle Shuffle.

That's right, the move made famous by Chunk from The Goonies and then perfected by fat kids looking for friends all over the country, has finally found its way into the culture of Division-1 college basketball.

In an interview with The Setonian, SHU's student newspaper, Girard says he's trying to reserve the shuffle for special moments so that it won't get stupid. Perhaps "stale" would have been a better choice of words.

Here's Girard in action (assist to all the people who agree to sit down which makes this 20 times cooler):