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Derrick Caracter suspended

Rick Pitino announced this afternoon that starting center Derrick Caracter has been suspended after breaking his personal curfew twice since September.

Pitino said that the decision to suspend Caracter was made by the team.

More on this latest piece of awesome news later.


Caracter reportedly signed a contract on Saturday where he agreed to a 9 p.m. curfew. That same night he apparently missed his curfew by an hour and was confronted by the coaching staff. After talking with the coaches, he stayed in his room for about an hour before sneaking out again.

Pitino said that Caracter will not practice with the team, but will participate in the individual instruction drills, and might be able to "earn" back a spot on the team eventually. He will also move out of Minardi Hall and into regular student housing.

Pitino also said that the team needed the fans to help them get through this rough patch.

Contrary to popular belief, Derrick Caracter is not a "thug," he's not a "hood," he's just a little boy who refuses to grow up, and it's very disappointing to all those who have stuck their necks out for him.


Brian Bennett (awesomely) has the full transcript of the press conference for those interested.