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I don't generally comment when these things happen, but 84-68? At home? To No. 300?

Even if they weren't playing Kentucky, it was sort of hard not to fall in love with Gardner-Webb Wednesday night. Every time the crowd started to get back into the game and it looked like the more talented team was going to go on that inevitable run, somebody would step up and make a supremely gutty play.

And just how well had Rick Scruggs prepared these guys? They attacked off the dribble, they made the proper adjustments when they were called for, and it looked like they had a perfect plan to defend everyone on UK, with the exception of Alex Legion whom Scruggs' staff hadn't had the opportunity to see much of. And how awesome was it to see the gorgeous passes to the cutter, and block outs so solid that the ball would hit the floor before a Runnin' Bulldog would grab it?

College basketball people. College basketball.

And we're just three days in.