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A little Rick Pitino for your Sunday

While I wish I could say otherwise, there are many facets of life where coach Pitino and I differ. Income, heritage, vocation and clothing style are all things we're never going to have in common. But for all our differences, I'm willing to bet you'd see a very similar reaction if you ever heard someone tell either of us that a lengthy list of top fives doesn't constitute proper blogging.

Here's a snippet from coach's latest post:

5 Things I am impressed with:

*Ball movement





5 Areas that need work:

*Weak side defense

*Ball containment

*Boxing out

*Scouting retention

*Waiting on screens

5 Individual Evaluations:

Terrence Williams - Maturing rapidly, winning attitude and big time potential.

David Padgett - Big heart and key to our inside and outside attack.

Earl Clark - Major improvement from the first game. Needs continued growth defensively.

Will Scott - Keeps the defense extended to help our low post game.

Jerry Smith - Picking up his intensity. Shot will come.

5 Concerns:

*Depth at the 3 position.

*Surviving the schedule.

*Being ready early at the defensive end.

*Stopping dribble penetration.

*Making sure Vinny Tatum does not lose all his money in Las Vegas.