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I'm not overly fond of Rutgers

I started to write a tribute of sorts to the senior class, and I got about two paragraphs in before I realized it was the biggest piece of crap since A Man in Full (bite me Wolfe). The truth is, I'm still far too upset about what has happened over the last three months to write anything devoid of unfair (to them) emotion, and Art Carmody certainly deserves a hero's farewell.

So I've decided to channel my anger in a more positive direction: Rutgers.

I've been thinking about last year's game a lot today. The comeback, the breakdown, the offsides, the Jeremy Ito point, me kicking a bag that I thought was empty but turned out to have a lot of stuff in it and resulted in me having a bloody big toe.

It was all so surreal.

But it's not just last year's game. I've made it known on several occasions that I think Greg Schiano - he of wood choppin', military offendin', Miami denyin' fame - is a, for lack of a unwillingness to use a better word, dick.

I don't like Schiano, I don't like Ito, I don't particularly like the annoying vocal minority of their fans, and I really don't want to see these guys come into our house and beat us on Senior Day.

Go Cards.