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Some positive food for thought

The BYU game is old news by now, so there's no reason to discuss it ad nauseum. The one thing I will say is that even before the final buzzer sounded, I was blown away by how much the game reminded me of the Iowa loss in the opening week of the 2004-05 season. A well-coached tournament team against a more talented, but younger team in November almost always spells trouble for the favorite.

But the season is not spiraling out of control, this is not the basketball team's Syracuse...or Kentucky...or Utah.

For reference, here is where U of L's first loss occurred in each of its eight final four seasons:

1959 -- 1st game
1972 -- 1st game
1975 -- 14th game
1980 -- 7th game
1982 -- 6th game
1983 -- 5th game
1986 -- 3rd game
2005 -- 2nd game

Six of those eight losses were to unranked teams.

All is not lost people.

The biggest negative now is that after the five games in eight days flurry got us all in mid-season mode, we get just three games in 21 days, and Miami of Ohio, Purdue and Dayton are all teams capable of putting a major damper on Christmas.