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Now would be a good time to get sick part II

It seems like it's been forever since we've seen any sort of Cardinal athletic event, but tomorrow will begin a spurt of SIX games (counting the football game) in EIGHT days. Plus you get to eat a lot on Thursday. Get excited, get really excited.

Puerto Rico Tip-Off: Houston vs. Marist (11 a.m./ESPNU)

Marist is in a little more in over their heads than I initially thought, and playing the best team in the consolation bracket certainly isn't going to help. Spongy Benjamin won't be able to keep this one close.

Puerto Rico Tip-Off: VCU vs. Miami (FL) (1:30/ESPNU)

Fatigue could play a role here as VCU played up-and-down for 40 minutes in a one-point win over Houston while Miami's game against Marist was never really in doubt. The Rams aren't quite as polished as I thought they'd be with so much returning, but Anthony Grant can do amazing things. I'm very excited to see this one.

Puerto Rico Tip-Off: Providence vs. Arkansas (5:30/ESPNU)

The second semi-final should also be a dandy. Despite a 14-2 run to beat Temple yesterday, I was not impressed with Providence. They looked like the same Jekyll and Hyde team we've seen the last couple of years, capable of beating anyone by ten and capable of losing to anyone by ten. They still turn the ball over way too much, and when they do they all hang their heads or start yelling at one another instead of hustling back on defense. Unless there's a stark attitude shift before early January, this is no better than a bubble team.

2K Sports Hoop Classic: Gardner-Webb vs. Oklahoma (6:30/ESPN2)

The shots of the Kentucky fans in the crowd last night may have been the funniest 30 seconds in television history.

2K Sports Hoop Classic: Memphis vs. Connecticut (8:30/ESPN2)

The Huskies and Tigers play for it all in what (thanks to Gardner-Webb) has been the most talked about preseason tournament of the young season. There will be a great deal of raw talent on the floor, which means this could either be a very fun game to watch, or a very difficult game to watch. Either way my money's on Memphis State.

Illinois vs. Hawaii (1 a.m./Full Court)

So you can watch live basketball stinkin' drunk.