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George Goode ruled ineligible for the season

As OC pointed out in the diaries section, Rick Pitino said last night on his radio show that freshman forward George Goode has been ruled ineligible for the season by the NCAA Clearinghouse.

Goode can remain enrolled in classes and continue to receive financial aid from U of L, but he may not practice with the team in any capacity. Pitino said that U of L will appeal the decision, but added that he doesn't expect to win.

So what does this mean as far as the team is concerned? Not a whole lot really.

I was more impressed than I expected to be from what I saw of Goode at the Red/White scrimmage, but he would not have averaged any more than three or four minutes a game this season. Injuries and foul trouble have plagued Pitino's teams the last couple of years, so you'd like to have as much depth in the frontcourt as possible, and Goode certainly would have provided that. Him not being able to practice is the worst part about all of this. He could have used the year to get stronger and more acclimated with Pitino ball, but now it seems like he'll almost be back to starting from scratch next October.

Assuming he decides to stick around - which I hope he does - Goode will still have four years of eligibility.